Residential and Nursing Care for the elderly and people with dementia.



Our team is passionate in providing the best care for all our residents to ensure their optimal health and wellbeing.

We employ qualified and experienced staff, who are offered continuous training and education. We ensure that our team is always up to date with skills, knowledge and relevant qualifications, and never lose sight of our purpose. This is further reinforced by regular staff supervision and appraisals conducted by our manager who is CQC registered.

Care Assistants working with us receive regular external and in-house education through a comprehensive training package, aimed at the special needs of residents. In addition to this we ensure that staff are capable of offering a multitude of services.

We have members of our Care team assigned specific responsibilities such as Activity Co-ordinator or Dementia Champion.

Our facility has an experienced and registered in-house nursing system that is on hand around the clock to provide the levels of expert care that residents require and deserve. 

All our staff are hard working and show true passion and responsibility to their roles. 

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